LEMON Silicone Tea Infuser

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LEMON Silicone Tea Infuser

Our silicone material is the same as silicone baby pacifier !
Why we use this high quality silicone?
Because it is safe for poeple to use it in oven, fridge and our health. Hope your family love and enjoy our high quality silicone product.

The tea infuser brews one cup of tea.Clever spoon design holds loose leaf or bagged teas and no messy are left in your cup.

How to use:

1. Fill hopper with loose tea(max 1 tbsp)or one tea bag.

2.Close and place into  cup of hot water

3.Steep to taste.

4.Swirl,stir or press plunger to release more flavor.

LEMON Silicone Tea InfuserLEMON Silicone Tea Infuser

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